Just create a vision

and leave the rest to us
We are reliable partners throughout the entire process of project management, including project planning, selecting the appropriate form of tender, project implementation and financing as well as post-project works. Our extensive professional experience guarantees that each project is implemented in a simple, seamless and secure manner.

We create.

the optimal conditions for the project. We prepare the required feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses and examine the sustainability of the project as well.

We connect.

the appropriate specialists. The preparation of a complex tender needs a coordinated effort from multiple players so that the outcome could be financeable, feasible and sustainable. We contact the right experts and coordinate the preparation of support materials and documentation of the proper quality.

We help.

our ambitious clients to bridge the gaps in financing. We prepare the necessary source matrix so that you could obtain subsidies for your concept from EU sources.

Guarantee of success:

11 years of professional experience
over 200 successful projects
over 50 bn HUF of resources won


  • environment protection and energetics
  • enterprise development
  • R&D and innovation
  • tourism
  • infrastructure development


  • tender documentation
  • data forms
  • feasibility studies
  • cost-benefit analyses
  • coordination of experts

and implementation

  • complete project management
  • administration
  • money drawdown
  • financial settlement
  • coordination of partners

1. Tender consulting

  • Conduct administrative and content-related tasks in connection with project planning and project development
  • Perform professional and administrative activities related to tendering
  • Conduct complete tender monitoring and information-flow activities related to EU and other development funds
  • Perform, organize and do the administration of project development and other professional works on site
  • Organize, coordinate and do the administration of negotiations, meetings (compile minutes and/or memos)
  • Keep contact with clients, coordinate and organize the work of subcontractors

2. Tendering

Identification of source matrix and tender structures:

  • develop the project portfolio based on the existing strategies, generate new projects
  • examine the options to draw down EU funds
  • examine the options to draw down EU funds directly (from Brussels)

Preparation of complete tender documentation:

  • Prepare Feasibility Studies, business plans, cost-benefit analyses (CBA)
  • fill out tender data forms
  • compile tender annexes
  • submit tender documentation to the Tender Issuer
  • submit potentially required additional documents, answer clarification questions

Preparation of funding agreements:

  • prepare and support funding agreements
  • compile contracting documentation
  • keep contact with the Cooperating Organization

3. Project management

  • Coordinate the project
  • Prepare the project’s cash-flow plan, monitor liquidity constantly
  • Monitor the progress of the project
  • Prepare the templates needed for project administration
  • Collect project data into a database, assort and archive documents created in the course of the project, in a physical and electronic format
  • Cooperate in providing data for the audits related to the project
  • Keep contact with the supporting institutions, the relevant Controlling Authority and Cooperating Organization
  • Upload project data into the assigned IT systems
  • Monitor reporting requirements related to the project, prepare and submit reports to the sponsor
  • Control payments based on accountability principles and formal requirements
  • Constantly compare project costs against the approved budget, propose reallocation to the project owner if necessary
  • Prepare and submit payment and contract modification requests
  • Be constantly available for the (Main) Recipients, and/or those involved in the project (external services/suppliers used)
  • Prepare and evaluate decisions impacting the conditions stipulated in the contracts (e.g. deadline, fees, enforcement of penalty claims or other contract modifications).
  • Keep the impacted parties and decision-makers informed of the latest developments related to the project, as required by the institutions

4. Monitoring

  • Posterior control of indicators committed to in tenders
  • Register other horizontal commitments (related to equal chances and sustainability)
  • Propose reasonable modification of commitments, get the approval of the Cooperating Organization for such modifications
  • Prepare documentation related to the fulfillment of horizontal commitments
  • Prepare documentation at project level

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